• Vessel design

  • New-build fabrication

  • Refits, refurbishments, and modification

  • Testing and evaluation services

  • Propulsion system design

  • Custom communications & electronics

  • Weapons integration

  • Special Operations boat crew training

  • Vessel maintenance

  • Vessel delivery

Maritime Security & Vessels

Maritime security is an important aspect of many security operations. Whether monitoring inland lakes and waterways, patrolling coastlines, or 'bluewater' operations on the open oceans of the world, having the correct vessel to suit the mission is crucial to maintaining security and mission success.

Trident Capabilities

Because our heritage stems primarily from the US Navy SEAL Teams, maritime operations and the providing the vessels required to perform them successfully represent a cornerstone of TridentCMG's cadre of services. TridentCMG works with a number of notable boatyards, boat builders, and marine architects in the US and elsewhere that have extensive experience in designing, building and delivering a range of new-build vessels from small 'brownwater' patrol craft to medium-sized 'bluewater' vessels up to 120' (36m) in length; each fully powered and outfitted to meet specific design and mission parameters. Each vessel undergoes extensive performance tests prior to delivery to the client for sea trials and acceptance testing, according to the terms of the contract. Each vessel will be fully certified to meet specified design and fabrication standards set by the client.

Through our global connections, TridentCMG also has access to a wide variety of excellent surplus marine craft that can be acquired and refitted to meet specific client performance requirements and budgets. In addition to securing the vessel, TridentCMG has the capability to prepare design modifications, develop and manage refit programs, test & evaluate completed vessels, and deliver them for clients anywhere in the world.

Using personnel from former Special Operations boat units, TridentCMG can also provide comprehensive training in both Special Operations boat handling techniques and vessel maintenance. Through our aforementioned global connections, TridentCMG can also equip vessels with custom propulsion, seating, communications, and weapons systems to meet any requirement.

Whether the requirement is for one small patrol craft, or a fleet of medium-size matched vessels, TridentCMG can help you define and meet your need.