• Event threat assessment

  • Venue and attendee evaluation

  • Security plan development and implementation

  • Event security coordination

  • Contingency planning

  • Other support services

Event Security

Securing major events, such as business conferences, government meetings, or sports events, from political extremists or terrorists has become something of a necessity in recent years. Large or important assemblies of people, particularly those events with live press coverage, are exceedingly tempting targets for those elements in society with a message they want to make known to the world. Consequently, assuring that event attendees remain safe, and the event venue and objectives are not disturbed, are principal event security objectives.

Trident Capabilities

As top tier military Special Operations operators, TridentCMG personnel have been responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing security for any number of high-profile events, from high-level intergovernment meetings to large commercial business conferences. We begin by working with event organizers to identify potential threats and determine the appropriate level of security necessary to ensure a successful, incident-free, event. We assess the venue and review expected attendee information to identify potential security issues. Based on our preliminary assessment, we recommend a security plan for the event and implement, or assist in implementing, that plan as directed.

Should a breach in security actually occur that threatens the event, we will have developed response plans to mitigate damage and maintain control over the situation.

Whether responsible for providing the actual security, or simply supporting the existing event security manager, TridentCMG personnel are adept at anticipating potential threats and threat vectors, identifying weaknesses in the security apparatus, and providing solutions to mitigate any potential threat. Where desired, TridentCMG can also provide a secondary layer of assurance as an invisible backup to the primary security structure in place for the event.