• Topical research

  • Dossier preparation

  • Surveillance

  • Audio/Visual documentation

  • Investigation reports preparation

Investigative Services

Frequently, solutions to problems that affect or threaten individuals and businesses are not obvious. The problem may require investigation in order to fully understand the nature, validity and extent of the threat, before settling upon a course of action. When the problem may be dangerous or life-threatening, when it involves operating across international borders, or when absolute discretion is required, routine investigative services contractors may be insufficient to address the need. In addition, "Information has value". Where routine sources and usual channels are not able to develop sufficient information on a topic, more experienced and aggressive information research techniques may be necessary. In either case, enter Trident Crisis Management Group, Inc.

We are a results-driven company. Our first and foremost concern is for our client. We bring a strong personal commitment to conduct each investigation with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, discretion and a no-quit attitude for achievement of results. We believe in investigations that are both legal and ethical, and we adhere to the laws and regulations that govern the investigation industry. Our name is our reputation. Our discretion is absolute. Moreover, our excellent relations with law-enforcement agencies, both domestic and foreign, facilitate criminal prosecutions, when required. 

Trident Capabilities

TridentCMG has extensive world-class experience in the realm of civil and criminal investigations. Our investigative personnel come from the top tiers of the military special operations and counterterrorism units, as well as US Federal law enforcement agencies. TridentCMG investigators possess extensive training and field experience in all manner of investigative techniques, including dossier compilation, surveillance, social engineering, and audio/visual documentation. We possess access to numerous information sources as well as to field assets around the world.

Using state-of-the-art investigative tools and technologies, TridentCMG can compile a impressive dossier on virtually any individual, group, or corporate entity. In addition to real-time reporting to the client as necessary, all investigative activities are thoroughly documented and compiled into a final report provided to the client upon project completion. Interim formal reports can be provided where necessary on longer term investigations.