• SAT for Families and Individuals

  • SAT for General Employees

  • SAT for Executives and Key Personnel

  • SAT for Very Important Personages (VIP)

  • SAT for International Travelers

Security Awareness Training

No matter where you are in the world, hardly a day goes by without news on the latest murder, kidnapping, home invasion, and so forth. In an increasingly dangerous world, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to improve their general security awareness. Learning to anticipate, recognize, and avoid danger is markedly easier than training to respond effectively to a danger that has fully materialized before us. For this reason, individuals, corporations, and governments have all begun to endorse the benefits of security awareness training (SAT).

Trident Capabilities

TridentCMG has been a leader in the development and instruction of SAT courses for many years, particularly with respect to kidnapping prevention. In addition to specialty courses, our proven professionals can also provide a variety of courses that include SAT for Families and Individuals, SAT for General Employees, SAT for Executives and Key Personnel, SAT for Very Important Personages (VIP), and SAT for International Travelers. Courses can be taught at our corporate training facility in Charlotte, NC USA, or onsite at the client's premises.

Each SAT module is typically a 4-hour course and can be taught to individuals or groups as appropriate. Each module begins with an overview of the threat forms particular to that module, and then explores the various threat vectors commonly associated with each threat form. Attendees are encouraged to participate as class in discussing each type of threat, noting advance signals, and practicing appropriate security awareness responses.

TridentCMG instructors use a number of techniques, including role play, proven to engage attendees with the material. Course are primarily given in an interactive lecture/discussion format using both PowerPoint presentations, as well as handout materials for each attendee to keep.