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  • Proven Experience in Planning & Executing Personnel Extractions From High Risk Environments

Emergency Evacuations

In recent years, political unrest and numerous natural disasters – tsunamis, tidal waves, earthquakes, and hurricanes – have dramatically demonstrated a need for expertise in rescuing civilians trapped by the unfolding of unfortunate natural and man-made events. While these events can happen anywhere, rescuing employees or loved ones in many foreign countries can prove to exceedingly problematic, particularly in those countries where social unrest or open warfare is at the root of the problem.

When unfortunate events unfold, time is often of the essence in planning and implementing a rescue operation or emergency evacuation. The ability to plan and act quickly before events on the ground can further devolve is crucial. In such emergencies, proven organization experience and operational judgment can mean the difference between success or failure, life or death.

TridentCMG Capabilities

For years, the US Government has trained elements of its military in emergency evacuation of sensitive government installations, such as embassies and other diplomatic stations that exist on foreign soil.  

With its access to experienced personnel, logistical support elements, and a rapid response capability, TridentCMG is well positioned to bring this type of expertise into play by providing immediate evacuation planning and arrangement of mission support logistics while concurrently dispatching an experienced evacuation team to any region in the world.

In the case of natural disasters, a TridentCMG evacuation team is fully prepared to utilize any and all available local resources necessary to affect the safe and timely evacuation of targeted individuals or groups. In addition, we can, if needed, provide emergency medical assessment, first aid, drug administration, and emergency medical treatment necessary to stabilize individuals until they can be transported to a safe regional medical facility for proper treatment.

Likewise, in the case of political or social unrest, TridentCMG evacuation team members are accustomed to operating fully independently in similar environments, including those where personal safety and the rule of law can be fluid elements under the best of circumstances. In such cases, we are prepared to use whatever means are necessary, including unconventional extraction methods, to secure the safe passage of our team and our target evacuees from the area of unrest to the nearest designated safe zone.