• Security apparatus review

  • Cooperation in procurement process for security assets

  • Oversight of security installations and upgrades

  • Management and administration of security operations

  • Orientation and training for client-provided security personnel

  • Provision of TridentCMG security force personnel, upon request

Security Program Administration

In today's world, most business facilities require some level of site security. Whether to due to theft prevention, hazardous chemicals or industrial processes on site, the protection of business processes and trade secrets, limitation of liability, or threat of terrorist attack, all organizations have something to protect. This protection can take many forms, depending upon the asset(s) to be protected and other factors specific to each organization. Some organizations elect to manage their security apparatus in-house, while others recognize the benefit of having a professional security organization assume that responsibility. Unfortunately, it only takes one significant breach of security to cause an event that cripples an entire organization with potentially catastrophic collateral consequences as well. Accordingly, the decision to manage security responsibilities in-house, or the selection of an external security administration partner, should be taken very seriously with those consequences in mind.

Trident Capabilities

As former 'top tier' Special Operations operators, TridentCMG personnel have spent years in assisting governments, militaries, and business organizations the world over in developing and managing security programs for all manner of individuals, facilities, and other assets. Now, this level of expertise and proven experience can be yours when you select TridentCMG as your security program administration (SPA) partner.

As your SPA partner, TridentCMG will review your existing security plan, if available, and recommend a prioritized set of improvements for consideration. We will base these recommendations on our understanding of the client's security objectives, coupled with our understanding of threat potentials affecting the client. TridentCMG will develop budgets covering these prioritized security enhancements, cooperate in the procurement process, and oversee implementation, as well as subsequent orientation, training, and operation of the entire security apparatus on behalf of the client.

With respect to security forces, TridentCMG will train and manage a client-provided security force, or we can provide our own force comprised of highly-trained and seasoned security professionals, hand-selected by TridentCMG to ensure the client receives the very best security services available. Wherever the location, whatever the asset, TridentCMG can provide security to meet any challenge.