• Safeguarding key individuals

  • Protection of high-value shipments or other mobile assets

  • Labor dispute resolution

  • Human Resource management assistance for individual terminations and workforce downsizings

  • Inventory safety

  • Industrial plant security

Asset Protection

Whether it's one-half ton of gold bullion in transit or an industrial plant endangered by civil or political unrest. The common denominator shared by clients of Trident Crisis Management Group, Inc. is that an important asset they own is subject to a potential threat and they have chosen the premier name in asset protection to ensure its continued safety.

In addition to external threats, harm can occur from threats in the workplace as well. These can include labor disputes with management, inter-labor group disputes between union and non-union workers, or actions by disgruntled employees. Regardless of the cause, any of these can result in harm to other workers, impact business operations, or damage to facilities.

Company assets can also become the target of organized criminal elements that engage in racketeering, loan-sharking, and other extortions. Because these criminal elements succeed principally by demonstrating their willingness to use ‘hardball’ tactics against people and assets, an unprepared individual or company management can find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when faced with a ruthless adversary. However, TridentCMG is experienced in managing intimidation and can be an efficient and very cost-effective resource to address this particular type of threat through superior resolve.

Trident Capabilities

Over the years, TridentCMG has been called upon to ensure the security of various important assets, from individuals, to high-value shipments, to factory inventories, to industrial plants themselves. We work with the client to first clearly define and prioritize the objectives. With that understanding, we develop a corresponding asset protection strategy for acceptance by the client. Once a plan is agreed upon, TridentCMG will assign the correct personnel and other resources necessary to successfully carry out the plan. Where project documentation is desired, TridentCMG will provide the client with whatever level of documentation is necessary.

With regard to internal company threats, TridentCMG professionals are well equipped to provide the necessary employee counseling, labor interface, and strategic planning advice necessary for management to effectively mitigate the potential for workplace violence to occur. With respect to labor disputes, TridentCMG has had good success in mediating labor disputes between management and labor, as might arise from plant closings for example, and in settling differences between various labor groups, such as between union and non-union workers as a result of some labor realignment decision.

When it becomes necessary to discharge a problem employee, and there is a reasonable expectation based upon prior actions that the employee may pose a potential retaliatory threat to either the business, management, or co-workers, TridentCMG has been very effective during the termination process in estimating the subsequent threat potential posed by the employee, as well as at providing professional counseling to help the employee understand and accept the reasons for their termination.

While we are accustomed to dealing with difficult individuals and groups that succeed through intimidation, we always attempt to first negotiate an amicable settlement. However, if a civilized outcome cannot be achieved, other methods can be brought to bear.