Special Operations Training

With increasing frequency, trans-national terrorists are carving out training and operational bases inside the borders of many countries, sometimes making those countries unwilling participants in the Global War on Terror. Elsewhere, anti-government rebels take advantage of faltering economic and social conditions to stage ongoing insurgencies in the hope of overthrowing elected governments and replacing them with governments more favorable to their particular cause. With the increase in information technology over the past two decades, coupled with rising security instability around the world, malefactors have been able to significantly step up their game in terms of training and operational effectiveness. In short, this means that global governments everywhere need to focus on improving the training and operational effectiveness of their own Special Operations forces in order to successfully combat these emerging threats.

Trident Capabilities

The management and operational staff of TridentCMG come from the most elite Special Operations units in the world, including the US Navy SEAL Teams, US Army Special Forces, and various Tier One counter-terrorism units, as well as from the elite Special Operations units of other countries. These warriors have extensive experience not only in conducting field special operations missions, but in organizing and training foreign military personnel to a similarly high degree of accomplishment in Special Operations.

In addition to conventional and asymmetric SpecOps training, TridentCMG is also pleased to be able to provide premier expertise in both Aerial Combat Strike Fighter Weaponry and the conduct of Helicopter Special Operations taught by the most elite aerial combat and flight operations personnel available.

TridentCMG training courses include fully-developed course descriptions, training curriculums, logistical requirements, identified prerequisite training, classroom instruction, and field exercises. TridentCMG instructors and training staff are meticulous in their attention to detail and merciless in their insistence on 'getting it right'. Together, we ensure that graduates are fully capable of performing any mission, anywhere, anytime and everytime.

Course descriptions for major courses are listed in the left sidebar above. For other training needs, ask your TridentCMG representative for additional information.