Strategic Partnerships

Since 1977, multinational corporations have called on The Ackerman Group Inc for counsel on a broad range of security and investigative-related issues.  Our emphasis is always on prevention, but, when summoned in an emergency, we respond with unparalleled professionalism.  Indeed, our tenacity and resourcefulness have earned us a reputation as the resource of last resort for beleaguered corporate decision-makers.

Drum-Cussac provides tailored risk management solutions to leading international companies, government agencies and private clients across a number of diverse sectors by assisting clients worldwide in the management of strategic risks, delivering protective solutions to safeguard personnel, operations, management, profits, assets and corporate reputation. D-C is able to react at anytime, anywhere in the world via our 24/7 Operations and Response Centre, providing effective front-line support, coordination and guidance.

Established in 2004, ESPADA Logistics and Security Group, Inc. is a proven international service company that provides military expertise in security, logistics, medical services, and training which allows our clients to concentrate on their core mission.


Iberos S.A. represents TridentCMG's business development interests in Peru, and in selected other South American markets as directed, specializing in aeronautics, defense, and homeland security issues.


Since 2001, JJENCO, Inc. has provided contract technical research, new technology development, personnel training, and general consulting services primarily to multi-national corporations, US Fortune 500 companies, and large private institutions in areas related to nuclear power generation, security, and counter-terrorism studies. TridentCMG provides security and counter-terrorism support to JJENCO clients, while JJENCO supports certain TridentCMG operational requirements for plans and logistics.

White Mountain Research (WMR) towers above an increasingly crowded market to offer corporate and government clients a superior and diversified international security resource to understand and pre-empt complex foes in the most demanding environments. Our holistic, multi-level solutions based on our integrated approach combine state of the art knowledge with proven operational innovation and integrity. We confront warfare’s changing face with confidence that sees beyond the horizon.

Northcott Global Solutions offer a cutting edge solution to political & medical evacuation and the provision of remote medical staff and facilities. By combining both ex-military staff and procedure with the best civilian equipment and service providers NGS offers a flexible, robust and cost effective solution to a client’s contingency planning. By specialising in the most challenging parts of the world and offering a point of incident service we have filled in the gaps ignored by the traditional evacuation and medical industries.

Global One Resource Group LLC provides basic and advanced tactical training to the public, law enforcement organizations, and government agencies. Global One staff are composed of former and current military and law enforcement professionals who have special operations backgrounds. Each of our principals possesses highly specialized training and excellent teaching skills, as well as all required national and international certifications.

Benev Benev Integrated Services, Ltd is a wholly indigenous ballistic company, provides unique solutions to a wide range of security and safety/emergency problems affecting military, law enforcement, and civilians. Benev also covers the Oil and Gas, Banking, Diplomatic, Maritime, Automobile and Construction Sectors within the African Sub region.

Academi ACADEMI is an elite security services provider. With expertise forged in the world’s most challenging environments, its world-class network of security professionals design customized solutions for its clients to help them navigate the complex, sensitive environments in which they operate.
838INC 838 Inc was founded by Safety Management System experts who have spent many years working on and developing Safety Management Systems for high risk industries. Known as a pioneers in the field of document and regulatory compliance, the 838 team has built systems and software specifically designed to manage safety. 838 Inc has critical partnerships with other industry leading companies to ensure it can provide maximum value to the client.
Naples Yacht is the premier provider of World Class Marine Interdiction Platforms. Whether the mission profile is open ocean crossings in unpredictable sea states or shallow water patrols in narrow challenging water ways, Naplesyacht is the complete system solution. They provide a single face to customer and cradle to grave support from initial consultation to post deployment follow up sustainment.