• Development of a Threat Basis Matrix for each site

  • Security Plan Review

  • Security Personnel Assessment

  • Security infrastructure evaluation

  • Security Assessment Report Preparation


Security Assessments

Assessing the relative security that trained security personnel and the installed security infrastructure provide to various facilities is becoming increasingly more important each year. A single mishap resulting from a breach of security can result in catastrophic loss of life and dire financial consequences to both corporations and society. For this reason, more and more companies each year elect or are mandated to engage qualified security professionals, sometimes at great cost, to assess the relative security posture of their facilities and business operations.

Accordingly, the security services marketplace has exploded in recent years, with professionals of all calibers entering into the marketplace. Unfortunately, many security professionals come from a criminal or law enforcement background or mindset, or may be former military personnel only peripherally associated with security matters during their military career. While these levels of security professionals certainly have their place in the market, they can easily get it 'over their heads' when it comes to assessing the risk from potential threats and the associated security posture of critical facilities and infrastructure. For these most important facilities, only the best will do.

Trident Capabilities

TridentCMG personnel are drawn from the highest ranks of retired military and governmental special operations and counter-terrorism personnel. Not only have these operators received the highest level of training available to combat terrorist elements worldwide, they have the most extensive field experience in planning and executing actual counter-terrorism operations of any available subject-matter experts in the field. For this reason, TridentCMG personnel were selected by the United States Government to serve as the 'Terrorist Operations Subject-Matter Expert (TO-SME) team members during the Congressionally-mandated post-9/11 Comprehensive Review program to assess the security and anti-terrorism preparedness of all critical US infrastructure, including seaports, airports, transportation terminals, nuclear power plants, refineries, and so on.

When performing assessments, TridentCMG typically provides a 2-3 man team to assure multiple perspectives are obtained and no detail is overlooked. We begin by developing a Threat Basis Matrix in cooperation with the client to define the types of threats each site might encounter, including assignment of probabilities and other risk management considerations. Thereafter, we employ a rigorous assessment process, developed over the performance of countless assessments, that includes interviewing site security personnel, examining the installed security infrastructure, reviewing the current security plan, and much more. Each assessment results in the production of a comprehensive written report, with illustrations, designed to summarize the current site security apparatus, quantify its effectiveness with respect to the Threat Basis Matrix, identify particular site security strengths and weaknesses, and provide specific prioritized recommendations for improvement.