• 5 Continents

  • 24 Countries

  • 30 Major Cities

  • Multi-lingual, native language speakers

Asset Placement

TridentCMG has a near global presence. With the exception of Canada, the former Soviet Republics, and China, TridentCMG has assets in place, ready to provide assistance, in countries around the globe. Should a particular asset be unavailable, these remaining assets provide clients with the assurance that TridentCMG has the necessary 'bandwidth' in terms of resources available to meet virtually any emerging requirement. Due to the number and distribution of our assets, TridentCMG has the capacity to assure a response to a client request for assistance within 24-hours from almost anywhere in the world, and frequently in less time. Likewise, should events change and initial estimates of required resources increase, TridentCMG can rapidly ramp up additional assets as needed.