• Investigation of Extortion or Asset Threat

  • Successful Outcome Definition

  • Operational Plan Development to Resolve the Threat

  • Threat Resolution Activities

  • Anti-Piracy Protection

Extortion & Loss Prevention

In today’s world, it seems that there are always people ready to take a shortcut to wealth or power by extorting either money or non-monetary concessions from others. Frequently, such acts are simply about extorting money from wealthy individuals or corporations in exchange for not harming some asset belonging to one or the other. This might include threats against an individual, damage to a corporate asset, or contamination of a consumable product. Other times, it can be more complex, such as when designed to prevent some action or decision on the part of another. Examples might include coercion to sign an unfair contract, not running as a political candidate for public office, or 'protection' against 'unfortunate circumstances'. Common examples of extortionists include:

Another crime closely related to extortion is Asset Appropriation where, instead of a threat intended to extort money or some other concession, the criminal simply disregards asset ownership and takes control of an asset belonging to another to use for their own purpose. In this scenario, demands to cease or for compensation are ignored or result in retaliation by the criminal. In many Third World countries, asset appropriation may simply be ignored by the local police who have little interest in protecting the rights of foreigners, or may in fact occur with their involvement and active participation. On a larger scale, asset appropriation can include 'nationalization' of foreign-owned assets without fair compensation by the political regime in power.

Trident Capabilities

Whatever the occurrence, TridentCMG has the intelligence assets necessary to fully investigate the threat, the experience to devise an effective counter-strategy, and the operational expertise to implement a successful solution designed to not only eliminate the current threat, but assure that the possibility of any future recurrence by the extortionist or criminal is highly unlikely.

TridentCMG begins by working with the client to develop a clear understanding of the situation, including the motivation and intent of the perpetrator. We will propose solutions we believe are practical and have the best chance of success, and then work with the client to prioritize those strategies to identify those that most closely match the client's objectives for a successful resolution. Once the objectives have been identified and prioritized, TridentCMG personnel will develop the operational plans necessary to achieve the principal objective, with contingency plans to achieve the next lesser objective if the primary objective becomes unattainable for some reason during the operational sequence. TridentCMG will subsequently organize the staffing and logistics for the operation, and implement the plan upon final client authorization.