Security Force Development

An increasingly unstable world calls for a greater need for trained professional security services to meet anticipated threats to personnel and property. Security assessments frequently show that existing government and private sector security forces are ill-equipped, insufficiently trained, and inefficiently organized to meet those threats. Trident Crisis Management Group, Inc. has extensive experience in equipping, training, and organizing effective security forces for governments and industry around the world.

Trident Capabilities

Security force training always begins with clarifying the objectives for the security force. A frequent mistake of security managers is to move directly to hiring and training activities without first establishing a clear definition of the mission requirements for the security force. Additionally, TridentCMG recognizes that not all personalities are suitable for selection as security officers, so we also attempt to weed out those persons who have temperaments or other character traits unsuited to this line of work.

Once we have established clear objectives and a suitable work force, we begin with basic personal and motivational training designed to develop the necessary degree of personal fitness and unit cohesion. This is followed by extensive skills training designed to equip each prospective security officer with each of the skills necessary to function effectively independently. From this point, we step forward into team-building exercises designed to help officers learn to work effectively as part of a team, followed by training scenarios to help the force build confidence in its ability to function together as a unit to accomplish their mission against a variety of threats. Our security force development training finishes with actual field exercises pitting the security force against a credible ‘Red Team’ threat, followed by a clinical After Action Review designed to familiarize security force members with the proper conduct of this important continuous improvement activity.