Protective Services

Periodically, individuals who can be best characterized as very important persons (VIPs) must travel to locations that may present some element of risk to the individual. This risk may be general in nature, due to their status as a VIP and the tendency for malefactors to target them for unwanted attention, physical confrontation, extortion, or some more nefarious interaction. In other cases, the risk may be the result of a specific threat to the VIP, his or her company, or to a group to which the individual belongs. In any case, if the travel cannot or should not be cancelled, then some level of close protection security is warranted. TridentCMG provides clients with both language and area-qualified security professionals who are familiar with the people, customs, and cultures for many areas of the world.

Trident Capabilities

For those companies where some degree of close protection services are warranted for key personnel, TridentCMG will work with the principals and their corporate security managers to develop and implement a practical and cost-effective plan for implementing close protection services. For US companies, our recommendations can be used to justify the tax-deductible nature of security expenditures under Internal Revenue Service guidelines.

An important aspect of close protection security is known as the ‘protective advance’, where an advance team travels the route to be taken by the VIP immediately beforehand. The advance enables TridentCMG personnel to personally inspects security arrangements, routes, accommodations, transportation, restaurants, meeting places, and other waypoints in the VIP travel itinerary. TridentCMG is expert at providing successful protective advances for oncoming VIP and other dignitaries to ensure that the VIP travel is completely uneventful from a security perspective.

In addition, the TridentCMG advance team uses the opportunity to determine locations for healthcare, pharmacies, identification of contingency medical or legal services, and relaxation opportunities according to the principal’s hobbies or interests. In certain cases, TridentCMG may determine that it is appropriate to review lists of meeting participants, event guests, service staff, and other information necessary to identify and prescreen any individuals that may find themselves within a pre-established proximity to the principal or secondary protectees.

With respect to the actual close protection of the principal, TridentCMG can support all security requirements, from a single, highly-trained and exceptionally-capable protective escort to a full close protection security detail comprised of several professionals, anywhere in the world, depending upon the situation and security requirements.