Emergency Response Planning

It has been said – accurately – that planning is the single most cost-effective factor in minimizing the cost and impact that various emergencies can cause. For this reason, governments, militaries, and most large corporations practice some level of emergency response planning (ERP) in anticipation of the various kinds of catastrophes likely to impact their respective worlds. In some business sectors, emergency response plans are mandated by the government or insurers, and may be as simple as a checklist or as complex as a dedicated Emergency Response Team with required training and periodic drills. As a result of assisting numerous domestic and foreign groups in developing emergency response plans to address a variety of threats, Trident Crisis Management Group, Inc. is well-prepared to provide a wide range of assistance to virtually any group or organization interested in developing or improving their current ERP capabilities, regardless of scope.

TridentCMG Capabilities

The core of any emergency response plan is to anticipate and identify those potential threats that might have some reasonable probability of occurring, and to develop some level of predefined response to them for the purpose of mitigating injuries to personnel, their impact on operations, and the financial cost of recovery. In concert with the client, TridentCMG will identify those threats of greatest concern and determine the appropriate level of ERP that each potential threat requires. Subsequently, TridentCMG staff will assist the client in developing each ERP in accordance with client expectations and ensure that each ERP meets any formally-mandated plan requirements.

When desired or required, TridentCMG will work with the client to develop and implement general orientation materials and detailed training to acquaint personnel with their roles, responsibilities, and actions under each ERP scenario. Likewise, TridentCMG can also assist the client in organizing, coordinating, evaluating, and documenting mock drills for client personnel, to include coordination with external organizations, law enforcement, and other governmental agencies as required.

TridentCMG can also provide periodic review and revision of Emergency Response Plans to ensure that each plan takes into account changing requirements and circumstances that may occur over time. TridentCMG can also offer fresher training and certification of personnel as desired by the client.