Our Mission

"To successfully provide the best security, investigative, and counter-terrorism support to our clients around the world." – Julio A. Gomez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Trident Crisis Management Group, Inc. was formed in 2003 by retired US Navy Special Warfare (SEAL) Officers and senior Special Operations enlisted personnel from across the military services. Its purpose is to provide a common vehicle for only the most highly experienced operators admitted from ‘top tier’ Special Operations military units and government agencies around the world to work together to apply their skills collaboratively towards common missions and objectives.

TridentCMG is a highly-principled cadre of performance-oriented problem-solvers experienced in analyzing, structuring and implementing efficient, effective, and practical solutions to a wide range of business, political, and social problems. We have found that our extensive training and unique areas of proven experience, developed over decades of successful operations in some of the most challenging, hazardous, and fluid operating environments in the world, translate well to applications in the private sector, enabling us to assist our clients in defining and resolving even the most important and complex problems of their world.

Accordingly, TridentCMG may not be the least expensive solution based on initial cost. However, we have found over time that what our clients value most, even above cost, is the absolute assurance of success. Therefore, we do not cut corners in the planning or execution of client services.

While some competitors may appear to initially offer a more cost-effective solution than TridentCMG, we have found it prudent to remind prospective clients of the old adage "You get what you pay for". It is frequently not possible to count the true cost of assistance until the everything is over and done. By then, the ‘competitor’ that appeared to offer a lower cost solution has frequently had to request additional funding in order to complete the assignment, or worse yet, failed in some aspect that only made matters worse.

At TridentCMG, our aim is to be your best value solution to every problem within our area of expertise. You have our word.