Intelligence Collection & Analysis

Once nearly the exclusive domain of the military and intelligence communities, intelligence collection and analysis in the commercial and private sectors has exploded in the ‘Information Age’. As a result of advances in computer processing and broadband communications technologies, increasing amounts of information has been digitized, stored, and is accessible online to those with the tools and knowledge to effectively mine the Internet for open source intelligence (OSINT). Where electronic information is not readily available, collection of information via human intelligence (HUMINT) assets remains a proven collection mechanism, particularly where some degree of subjective assessment is required. Listening devices and similar mechanisms are still effectively used to collect electronic intelligence (ELINT) information in certain circumstances. Likewise, in circumstances where the particular application is legal, electronic signals, such as wireless data transmissions, can be intercepted and decoded to provide signals intelligence (SIGINT) of unsecured information. Regardless of the manner of acquisition, businesses and individuals routinely use various forms of collected intelligence for competitive advantage.

Trident Capabilities

Needless to say, TridentCMG personnel are highly skilled in the collection and analysis of intelligence information in all its various forms; experience gained from working with and within the intelligence community for years. Some personnel come directly from careers serving with the premier government and military intelligence agencies. Whatever their background, and no matter the assignment, TridentCMG has extensive experience in utilizing the most effective intelligence-gathering techniques to obtain needed information. In addition to successfully researching OSINT via the Internet, TridentCMG maintains a network of HUMINT assets around the world, who can be directed to obtain or validate needed information.

By ‘putting the pieces together’ and ‘connecting the dots’, TridentCMG personnel have an impressive history of being able to forecast future trends and major events. TridentCMG personnel have conducted a number of studies for clients interested in forecasting future market trends or preparing for future events that could significantly affect their business sector, including economic conditions, terrorism activity, and geopolitical changes. For specific intelligence requirements, we can provide immediate short term answers to immediate questions. For longer term forecasting of trends and events, TridentCMG can follow an intelligence thread for clients and provide actionable intelligence estimates on a periodic basis.