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Crisis Management

Crises come in all shapes and sizes. Almost by definition, they frequently occur with the worst possible timing. They affect governments, businesses, groups, and individuals equally. The only common denominator appears to be that good decisions made early almost always serve to shorten the crisis duration and mitigate the extent of damages.

Developed as a result of intense training, and refined through years of real-world decision-making in the most stressful, uncertain, and fluid operating environments imaginable, Trident Crisis Management Group personnel stand ready at a moments notice to step in anywhere in the world and assist in the crucial decision-making necessary to gain control of rapidly escalating events in the early hours of any crisis situation.

Our initial objective is to help clients understand what is happening ‘on the ground’ in real-time, thereby providing accurate, actionable intelligence upon which to base immediate decisions and plans. Subsequently, we can provide direction or act as a sounding board to highlight strengths, weaknesses, potential liabilities, or practical limitations during planning discussions, prior to committing to any course of action. Upon request, we can assist in identifying and securing the varied resources necessary to support a successful crisis management response for virtually any situation. Finally, TridentCMG can act as an effective variable to rapidly address gaps as they occur during any plan implementation.

In addition to general crisis management support, TridentCMG also specializes in several specific areas: Emergency Response Planning (ERP), Kidnap & Ransom Resolution, Extortion & Loss Prevention, and Emergency Evacuations. Whether the situation calls for a consultant, a team, or a force of personnel, TridentCMG can provide the human resources, equipment, and materials necessary to address any operational requirement.