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We live in a dangerous world. Each day, news media outlets seem to feature a new story about some unfortunate event affecting an individual or group. Bombings. Kidnappings. Extortions. Murders. These are the types of events that all too frequently color our lives today. Not only are individuals, businesses, governments, and other organizations subjected to these events, the perpetrators may be political extremists, criminal gangs, narco-terrorists, Islamic jihaddists, or simply angry individuals. Regardless, Trident Crisis Management Group, Inc. possesses the skills and experience to help clients effectively understand and mitigate these threats.

Trident Capabilities

Our core capabilities are anti-terrorism planning, security assessments, investigative services, event security, intelligence collection and analysis, security program administration, protective services, and asset protection. In addition, TridentCMG has the capability and capacity to provide expert assistance in almost any related issue as well. Contact TridentCMG to inquire about your particular issue.