Management Team & Consultants

We are very proud of our management team and associate consultants, all of which are subject matter experts in their fields of specialization.


Julio Gomez’s forte is recovering kidnap victims and resolving extortions. He has worked seventy-seven kidnapping cases and appeared before the crisis-management teams of numerous multinational corporations. A career Navy SEAL, he rose from seaman recruit to Executive Officer of Seal Team V, based in Coronado, California. Gomez participated in numerous combat missions in El Salvador and Panama, and acquired extensive experience in training foreign Special Forces in maritime operations, assault tactics, including facility penetration, and the full gamut of countermeasures, including protective driving. Performed contract with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducting “terrorist perspective” based assessments of America’s most vulnerable Seaports, Chemical Plants and Nuclear Power Plants, as well as managing several large contracts in support of Multi-National ForceIraq efforts in Baghdad, Iraq. Tasco is also a Keynote Speaker/Consultant, teaching PlanBased Execution, Operational Risk Management, and Leadership in the Petroleum industry. He is a married father of five, a daughter and four sons. A holder of the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Heroism and a graduate of Southern Illinois University, he speaks native Spanish and is conversant in Portuguese.

LARRY SIMMONS – Vice President

Larry Simmons is a retired US Navy Commander. He entered the naval service in 1966 and rose through the ranks of the US Navy SEALs from seaman to commander. Larry deployed to Vietnam as a member of SEAL Team TWO and served in operational billets from Vietnam to commanding officer of SEAL Team FIVE in Coronado in 1993. A graduate of Ohio State University, he has a Master of Science in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California and a Master of Science in Education from National University in San Diego, California. Commander Simmons is a Master Training Specialist and is still teaching men to move, shoot, and communicate. After retiring from the service, he served in Saudi Arabia training a maritime special operations force, in Mexico as Regional Director to an organization specializing in kidnap recovery for fortune five hundred companies, and as a consultant on several projects in South America. In recent years, Larry has been working in the Middle East, as a project Manager for KBR and as Country Manager of Falcon Security in Iraq. In 2010, Larry spent a year training the SWAT team in Abu Dhabi. In 2011, Larry taught courses at the Baghdad Police College. In 2012, Larry managed a free-fall parachute course for the Nigerian Air Force in Kaduna, Nigeria. A Spanish speaker, Simmons has a BA from Ohio State University and two MS degrees. He has written two published action novels.

AL KOVACH – Vice President, Business Development

Al Kovach began his naval service in 1988 and was serving on SEAL Team 5 when he was paralyzed in a parachuting accident during a combat training exercise in 1991. Remaining close to his SEAL community in Coronado, CA, Kovach has served more than 25 years in local and national non-profit leadership roles and, prior to joining the TCMG team, was a multi-term national President and CEO of Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA). As a premier veterans’ service organization based in Washington, DC, PVA represents approximately 37,500 veterans and their family members in pursuit of their claims for benefits and health care before the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and has recovered more than a billion dollars in VA compensation benefits for its members and other veterans, their family members, and survivors. With nurses, physicians, and architects on its staff, PVA is the only veterans service organization authorized to audit the quality of care veterans receive at spinal cord injury centers located at 23 VA hospitals. Additionally, PVA has a unique employment program that places 350 veterans and their spouses in stable jobs on an annual basis. In his role as the organization’s national president, Kovach has delivered testimony before the U.S. House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committees and has appeared regularly on local (CA) and national media to discuss key veterans’ issues. As a recognized leader in veteran’s advocacy, Kovach is a sought-after advisor for civic, community and corporate partners who share his commitment to improving the quality of life for veterans. A lifelong athlete and a proponent of adaptive sports for veterans recovering from catastrophic injuries, Kovach is a two-time winner of the LA Marathon, a participant of the Paralympic Games, and has completed a 3,700-mile transcontinental triathlon.

JIM HAWES – Director Operations, Special Projects

In 1962, Jim Hawes was a Southern Methodist University graduate and ensign in the USN. Despite poor eyesight, he finagled a SEALs tryout back at the dawn of the modern BUD/S program. The SEALs trace their origins to WWII frogmen, but the first SEAL Teams (#1/West Coast & #2/East Coast) were commissioned in 1962. Jim’s batch Class #29 graduated in 1963. Classmate John Roat wrote a book chronicling the training entitled Class-29: The Making of U.S. Navy SEALs. Immediately upon graduation, Jim became a UDT (underwater demolition team) instructor, the equivalent of a BUD/S trainer today. He did that for two classes, #30 and #31, before being deployed to SEAL Team-2. Jim served with SEAL Team-2 in Vietnam from before the Gulf of Tonkin into 1965. Then he traveled to the Congo in 1965-66 where his men and he were based on the western shore of Lake Tanganyika. Their job was to stop the “Simba Rebels”, Ché Guevara-led, Cuba-trained insurgents from infiltrating across the lake and prosecuting a communist-led war against a weak Congolese government. Jim trained and led the counter-insurgency forces. Jim is one of the few westerners who fought Guevara in the field, and recalls that he was a brave man, but also a vainglorious fool and romantic revolutionary zealot who lacked the combat skills of the SEALs. Eventually, Guevara withdrew from the Congo and Jim was able to return to the US. In the early 1970s, Jim graduated from Harvard Business School and returned to Asia wearing something other than camou fatigues. There he was the owner’s representative and managing director on the Hong Kong Sheraton Hotel development which set several Asia firsts when it opened in 1973. Soon after, Jim was a co-founder of the first venture capital firm in Asia. Among dozens of investments across East Asia, one of the more successful ones was bringing McDonald’s to Hong Kong and Singapore. Jim spent the next thirty years living in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Area Directors


Operador Especial con 26 años de experiencia en misiones de orden público desempañándose e como Líder de Equipos Contrainsurgencia y Operaciones Especiales, Suboficial de Operaciones del Batallón de Comandos y del Comando Unificado de Operaciones Especiales, Suboficial de Instrucción y Entrenamiento del Comando Unificado de Operaciones Especiales, Suboficial de Doctrina del Comando Unificado de Operaciones Especiales, Asesor de Comando del Batallón de Selva No 49, con cursos de formación como Paracaidista Experto – – Jefe de Salto – Explorador – Lancero – Contraguerrillas – Operaciones Especiales (USA) – Comando Terrestre – Inteligencia – Asalto Aéreo – Supervivencia, Proceso Militar Para Toma de Decisiones (USA), con un Diplomado En Seguridad y Defensa Nacional en la Universidad Militar, dentro de sus operaciones contra grupos terroristas fue condecorado con la medalla de Operaciones Especiales, con el Distintivo De Operaciones Especiales (OMAVE) por segunda vez, tres veces con la Medalla de Servicios Distinguidos En Orden Público, Distintivo De Operaciones Especiales en Honor al Deber Cumplido, Distintivo de Servicios en Campaña por escribir el manual de Acción Directa de Operaciones Especiales del Ejército de Colombia, medalla de Misiones de Paz en La Fuerza Multinacional destacada en Egipto, otro número de Medallas por diferentes operaciones.


Michael Soppelsa has been providing executive protection and specialized security services for high profile clients in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia since 1990. His international experience and expertise over the last 26 years has been instrumental in instructing local security teams in foreign countries and has given him vast insights into the variations and difficulties encountered while providing security services in more dynamic, unpredictable and high threat environments. Mr. Soppelsa holds the ASIS Certified Protection Professional (CPP) Board Certification and has attended and graduated from many of the top rated tactical firearms academies and driving schools. He is a licensed airplane and helicopter pilot with an Instrument Rating, a Seaplane Rating and rated through Eurocopter USA on the EC-130. Mr. Soppelsa speaks and writes English, German, French and Spanish fluently and carries both US and Swiss passports.

Educated in private schools in Switzerland, Michael Soppelsa finished school as an exchange student in Venezuela and went on to serve in the French Foreign Legion, 2nd Parachute Regiment (2. REP) with a tour in Djibouti/East Africa before joining the Swiss Army passing selection for the Swiss Special Forces as a member of the elite Grenadier Regiment, specializing in unconventional warfare and guerilla/small unit tactics. Mr. Soppelsa has been providing protection services for numerous Hollywood top stars on foreign trips over the past two decades and served as security consultant during scouting trips with clients and film crews overseas. During President Clinton’s administration Mr. Soppelsa was selected as a team member of the protection detail for President Aristide upon his return to Haiti and the training of the new Haitian Secret Service. After the invasion of Iraq Mr. Soppelsa was selected and trained by Blackwater Inc. as a member of the high risk protection detail for Ambassador Bremer with extensive travels throughout Baghdad and Iraq. He then served as Special Advisor and trainer to the new Afghan Secret Service, tasked with the security of President Karzai, traveling within Kabul and Afghanistan. For the last ten years his responsibilities as Director of Security for a prominent family included supervising the executive protection team, safeguarding personal assets, aviation and maritime assets as well as being in charge of corporate security for over 2,000 employees and several facilities serving 50,000 customers in the Health Care field. Currently, he is a competitive 11x Ironman Triathlon All World Athlete and endurance racing athlete.


As a former Army Lieutenant Colonel (USAR) with more than 29 years of service, Richard Jordan held an MOS in counterintelligence, armor, and civil affairs. He spent several years commanding Army units leading the training of armor and infantry skills & tactics. He has spent several years in the Special Operations community with deployments to Afghanistan, Middle East, and Africa through SOCCENT and a deployment to Iraq through SOCOM. His joint staff experience includes managing military exercise programs and training US and foreign military staffs on organization and execution of strategic level operations. Additionally, Jordan spent twenty years as a civilian Special Agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) with a background working Counterintelligence (CI), Anti-Terrorism (AT)/ Force Protection (FP), Counter-terrorism (CT), Counterinsurgency (COIN), Counter-narcotics (CN), military exercises and Protective Service Details (PSD). Assigned to the NCIS Special Contingency Group (SCG) he was responsible for conducting counterintelligence and criminal operations worldwide. Additionally, he had numerous deployments to high-threat environments in Europe, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. He specialized in intelligence analysis, threat assessments, and conducting port vulnerability assessments. He has worked several PSD missions protecting both US and foreign dignitaries. His PSD missions included several POTUS support missions, Secretary of State PSD missions in Portugal and Bahrain, Secretary of Defense PSD mission in Oman and the Israel Prime Minister visits to New York City. While working as a Special Agent for NCIS he also provided support to US On-Site Inspection Agency for support and compliance to Conventional Forces Europe, START III, and other international armament and chemical weapons treaty implementations and inspections. Additionally, he provided training support to SEAL Team Six. He has six years of experience working in Afghanistan as a contractor conducting intelligence analyst, working as a logistics manager and mentored Afghan Border Police and Afghan Counter-terrorism Police. While mentoring the Counter-terrorism Police he was responsible for managing the Afghan countrywide counter-terrorism program. His academic credentials include a master’s degree in adult education and training with a graduate certificate in terrorism and homeland defense. He is currently working on his second master’s degree in criminal justice.

Principal Associates – Security Operations


William C. Reed is a former U. S. Navy Captain with more than 40 years dedicated and distinguished military service. He is a former Navy SEAL and combat veteran who is wellversed in security operations from both the offensive and defensive perspectives, and has specialized experience in development and execution of complex strategic projects. He has served at the highest levels of command and staff in both Navy and Joint assignments and possesses the requisite knowledge, skills and abilities to manage large complex contracts. Reed is a superior leader and adroit manager of people, programs and processes. He has BS from San Diego State University and Masters degree from Naval War College in Strategic Studies and National Security.


Böker has expansive experience working security-related cases worldwide. A former member of the elite German Naval Special Warfare Unit “Kampfschwimmerkompanie”, “Kampfschwimmereinsatzzug”. As a German S.E.A.L. Commando, from (1994 – 2002) Böker trained in Static and Freefall parachute courses, Underwater demolition course, Master underwater demolition course, Ship protection course, German Ranger course part 1 and 2, Ship boarding course and advanced Medical courses among others. Böker has worked in Kosovo, Bosnia, USA, Denmark, Italy, France, Netherlands, Norway, Afghanistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. He also headed various high-profile protection details in high-risk countries, and is a native German speaker.


A 15-year Naval Special Warfare veteran. He has served in a wide variety of Special Operations environments with specialized skills in Counter-Terrorist Operations, Urban Operations, Submarine Operations and Combat-Swimmer Operations. Since retiring from the Navy, Matozel has provided personal executive protection in Bosnia-Herzegovina (B&H), authored and implemented equipment recovery operations in B&H and provided detailed guidance in counter-narcotic operations for the U.S. Coast Guard, Customs, and Naval Forces. He has also provided U.S. Law Enforcement agencies with self-propagating training methodologies and techniques while working with a leading research and development company. For the last two years, Matozel has been working as a contracted Terrorist Operations Analyst for the USCG performing port vulnerability assessments.


A 25-year Naval Special Warfare veteran. He rose from seaman recruit to the rank of Master Chief (E-9). A combat veteran who served in a Tier One unit. McDonnell is a Graduate of the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy and volunteers as a Special Deputy on the Okaloosa Sheriff’s SWAT team. He is apt at leading and managing people in the most rigorous environments. A licensed captain of vessels to 100 gross tons. McDonnell is an expert at Executive Protection, Hostage Rescue, Counter-terrorism and is a fluent Spanish speaker.


Chris’ military career includes tours in Mine Warfare and Naval Special Warfare. Chris was recognized for his outstanding instruction in Foreign Internal Defense, 100% success rates in every operational assembly for deployment of various mine systems throughout the Pacific theater. As a Navy SEAL Chris deployed to Kosovo and Iraq. Served as direct action/ QRF force in both theaters receiving a Bravo Zulu from the Chief of Naval Operations for capture of a top Iraqi smuggler. Chris left the military to start a family and finish his degree with the dual majors in microbiology and anthropology. 9/11 drew Chris back to security sector as a private contractor. He has been working in hostile operating environments performing recon and surveillance, training foreign and US personnel, conducting personnel security and guarding maritime assets. On one, high operational tempo contract, Chris logged over 2000 successful missions, without incident, in some of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan. Chris is an expert in, PSD/EP, recon/ surveillance, mountaineering, maritime security, and Russian weapons. Chris volunteered at the camp clinic as a medic and has received accolades as a first responder on several mass casualties preventing further loss of life. Chris is a proven leader and problem solver. He has spent most of his professional career in a leadership role, working in hostile operating environments, managing; personnel, budget, and equipment, training foreign and US personnel, conducting personnel security and guarding maritime assets. Chris takes a persistent and patient approach to problem solving, making the most of available resources and managing personnel, to effect a solution that is efficient and productive, leading to mission success.


Kennedy served as a Navy SEAL for 14 years, culminating his military career as a member of a Tier One unit under the command of Richard Marcinko at SEAL Team Six, the US Navy’s Counter Terrorist Unit. Most recently, he has been working in Iraq as a Security Advisor providing close protection and quick reaction services, as well as training Iraqi Military Forces, Coalition Forces and US Army Corps of Engineers in support of Iraq’s reconstruction efforts. Kennedy is an expert at Counter-terrorism, Close Protection Services and Hostage Rescue and Recovery operations.


Ken acts as TridentCMG’s Local Representative for the Philippine Island region. In this capacity, he provides corporate integration with Philippine senior executives, military officers, and government officials for policy reviews, political quagmire issues, indigenous logistical platform sourcing, VIP and environmental security operations, and cultural dispute matters for the Director TridentCMG Asia. Ken also handles the in-country contracting agency responsible for vetting local hire contractors and overseas foreign workers, as well as sourcing, logistics, and other special operations support equipment. He is experienced at all levels of VIP and physical security management processes and operations; field security survey and assessment, and close-in security details for executive protection. Ken works with the Philippine Naval Doctrine Office (NDO) and is part of the Scenario Based Strategic Planning Core Group and Doctrine Development Team. He is a Fellow at the Philippine Center for International, Security and Strategic Studies (CISSS), and has been a delegate in various international assemblies covering subjects such as the South China Sea security posture and other Regional security matters directly affecting the Asia-Pacific region. Ken holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Ateneo Graduate School for Business, and has completed a Masters in National Security Administration (MNSA) at the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP). He is currently working on his Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in Criminology. He is a commissioned Lt Colonel with the Philippine Marines Ready Reserve Force. He is skilled in unarmed close quarter combat, winning gold medals in Tae Kwon Do competitions in both India and the Philippines. Ken is fluent in English and speaks Tagalog.

Principal Associates – Air Operations


Brian “Strap” Thompson is a retired United States Marine Corps Officer and Naval Aviator. He is one of only six fleet aviators in the last 20 years to be dual qualified as a Fixed Strike Fighter Pilot in the F/A-18 and Rotary Wing Assault/Attack Pilot in the UH-1N. He is a graduate of the Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Instructor School, MAWTS-1. He was the first pilot in the Marine Corps to be a MAWTS-1 designated Forward Air Controller (Airborne) Instructor, FAC(A)I. Strap’s fleet experience as an Air Officer for a Marine Expeditionary Unit and his over 4000 hrs. of tactical flying experience qualifies him as an expert in the field of Air to Ground Tactics/Control and Coordination. He has planned and executed multiple real world Air to Ground contingencies from both the ground/terminal controller and from the pilot perspective (both Fixed and Rotary Wing). These contingencies have consisted of combat operations, humanitarian assistance operations and the evacuation of 2 United States Embassies. Strap has conducted high risk consulting for multiple organizations in the Oil Industry and continues to train Naval Aviators as a contractor.


Paul “Dorf” Olin served his country for more than twenty years as a Naval Aviator. His aviation experience includes two instructor tours at the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), over 3300 hours in fighter aircraft (FA-18 Hornet, FA-18 Super Hornet, F-16 Fighting Falcon), and over 100 combat missions. Some of his tours of duty included Commanding Officer of TOPGUN; Director of Airwing/JTAC Training at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC); Operational Command of an FA-18 squadron; and a staff member at the Supreme Allied Command Transformation in support of Iraqi training. He is a subject matter expert in 1v1 air combat, multi-plane combat, and air-to-ground employment. Paul earned a BS from the US Naval Academy and his Executive MBA from the Naval Postgraduate School. He speaks native English and is conversant in Spanish. MARK “MAX” ANDERSON – DIRECTOR, AVIATION MAINTENANCE Max flew C-2A, S-3B, C-9B and C-40A multi-engine aircraft, and served as a U.S. Navy Pilot for 21 years. He completed 19 overseas deployments, to include aircraft carrier operations in the Atlantic and Pacific and extensive worldwide aviation logistics experience. Max is a Strike Lead and Mission Commander, and has extensive experience with Program Management and Training Systems. He has designed and developed complex navigation systems for manned and unmanned aircraft. Max currently develops requirements and objectives for the acquisition of aircraft and navigation systems for the US Navy. He designed and implemented numerous full spectrum aviation training programs. Max also led the effort to forward deploy Navy SEAL teams and provide aerial delivery of the team from the aircraft carrier. He is an experienced military instructor pilot with over 10,500 hours of flight time. He is a holder of five Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals and certificates for 11 different aircraft. Max is a distinguished graduate from Texas A&M University.


Bull served his country for over fourteen years as a Naval Aviator and FA-18 Hornet and Super Hornet pilot. As a combat veteran and two-time TOPGUN Instructor, Bull is the recognized expert in advanced air-to-air (AA) combat and all facets of Strike Fighter employment and training. As TOPGUN’s missile and AA employment expert, Bull created all current Navy and Marine Corps AA tactics. Described by many as “the world’s best instructor,” Bull trained over 200 TOPGUN students in 1v1 air combat, multi-plane combat, and air-to ground employment. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, he speaks conversational French and Russian.


An F/A-18 Hornet, F-5 Tiger, and King Air Pilot, Edwards served as a U.S. Marine Fighter Pilot for twelve years. He completed four overseas deployments, to include combat action as a Forward Air Controller with the Marine Infantry in Iraq. Edwards is a Mission Commander, and instructed in the disciplines of Aerial Combat, Ground Attack, and Low Altitude Tactics. He is an experienced Multi National Armed Forces Trainer and Instructor. Edwards presently serves in the Naval Reserves as an Adversary Pilot and has been working on the MultiNational Pilot Training Syllabus for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. He is a holder of the Air Medal and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for combat actions while in Iraq. Scott is a graduate from Purdue University.


Scott M. Chiasson is a native of New Orleans and a highly decorated aviation combat veteran who deployed to Bosnia and Kosovo between 1999 and 2001. LTC Chiasson also served with the 3 Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan and the 3rd Infantry Division in Kuwait and Iraq. Scott commanded the 5th Aviation Battalion on Fort Polk, LA. LTC Chiasson’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, Combat Action Badge, and the Global War on Terrorism Medal. He is a Senior Army Aviator and Parachutist. Aircraft ratings include: UH1, OH-58, AH-64A, AH-64D, UH-60L, UH-72. Scott is a married father of three, a graduate of Southeastern Louisiana University at Hammond, Louisiana and holds a masters degree from Cameron University’s Business Administration Program at Lawton, Oklahoma. Principal Associates – Intelligence, Investigations & Specialty Expertise.

Principal Associates – Intelligence, Investigations & Specialty Expertise


Manuel (Cuky) Aponte’s forte is corporate investigations, polygraphs, hostage negotiations and resolving extortions. A 22-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and an expert witness in criminal and civil investigations. Former Legal Attache in the U.S. Embassy – Bogota and Special Agent in Charge of the FBI contingent numbering 112 personnel. Responsible for all extraterritorial Investigations in the countries of Colombia and Ecuador. He is a qualified Polygraph Examiner and Bomb / Hazardous Device Technician with extensive experience as an instructor of FBI personnel, as well as local and foreign police. Cuky holds a Juris Doctor and MA in Criminal Justice from the Interamerican University in Saturce, Puerto Rico and a BBA in Mayor Management from the University of Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras. He speaks native Spanish and is conversant in Portuguese.

ARMIN CATE (Investigations – Homeland Security SME)

Armin is a veteran Homeland Security operator, trainer and manager with 33-years’ experience in air, maritime and land border security operations. As a US Customs/ICE Special Agent, Coast Guard Commander and 101st Airborne Division Recon Sgt., Armin’s specialties include internal conspiracy investigations, risk management analysis, crisis management, covert, undercover, counter-terrorism, anti-piracy operations, as well as human intelligence source development, and field interrogations. He is a Subject Matter Expert on all aspects of security operations for airports, seaports and land borders. While serving as Chief of Intelligence for Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Miami, he developed Operation “On Guard” resulting in detection and apprehension of a suspected terrorist, Sayed Malike, at the Port of Miami in March 2003. Armin has vast experience conducting domestic and international seaport, airport and critical infrastructure security assessments and investigations. He is an expert in Executive Protection and has participated in Presidential Protection details and led post-hurricane disaster recovery operations. Armin has also designed and facilitated “All Threats/All Hazards” training for military and police throughout the Caribbean and South America. And as also flown a myriad of counter-drug, counter-guerrilla air surveillance missions in Central and South America.

GREG MIDDLETON (Intelligence, Hydrogeology)

Mr. Middleton served his country as a U.S. Navy SEAL for over twenty years, rising from the enlisted ranks to his final rank of Lieutenant Commander at retirement. A collection specialist brought in by the Intelligence community to provide an operator’s viewpoint to intelligence collection and analysis, Mr. Middleton’s final assignment was as an instructor at the Fleet Intelligence Training Center – Pacific (FITCPAC). Focusing on resource analysis and exploitation, Mr. Middleton leveraged upon his civilian employment experience in its application to terrain and target analysis. A State of California Registered Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist, Mr. Middleton has provided supervision in numerous large-scale groundwater investigations. Mr. Middleton has served as Project Manager and Senior Hydrogeologist for both national and international consulting firms. Earlier in his career, he was employed by the Mojave Water Agency as Principle Hydrogeologist, Senior Hydrogeologist by Wayne Perry, Incorporated, and as Senior Hydrogeologist for the United Water Conservation District. Mr. Middleton holds an undergraduate degree in Geology from California State University – Bakersfield and a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies from California State University – Fullerton.

ELISHA “ROCKMAN” MORGAN (Gemology, Precious Metals)

Elisha served 12 years as a Navy SEAL with expansive experience in Asia and Central America. Rockman is an expert in the field of Gemology and is a Senior Member of the Accredited Gemologists Association of America as well as a former governing board member of this select group. He has extensive experience in both the gemological and executive protection communities, with operations experience in Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Pakistan, Ukraine, France and Switzerland. Elisha has 23 years experience in the aforementioned arena and maintains indigenous connections in these countries that can be of great assistance on gem and mineral projects. A graduate of the foremost school of gemology in the world, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Santa Monica, California, he is fluent in Spanish and conversant in French.

DIEGO PEREZ (Martial Arts)

Diego is a Black Belt 11th degree Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do. In addition to Tae Kwon Do, Diego also excels in many other martial arts including, Filipino (knife and stick fighting and disarming), Hapkido (one on one submission), Jujitsu (ground fighting), Mix Martial Arts, Full Contact Fighting, self-defense, Krav Maga (Israeli Army self-defense), and self-protection tactics. Mr. Perez is also an undefeated Caribbean Full Contact champion and at this time he is a National Martial Arts Instructor/Consultant. Furthermore, Diego has served as a bodyguard for many private clients like Jorge Mas Canosa, Manny Diaz, as well as Special Security for VIP guests at the Miami Latin Grammys. Mr. Perez is currently married to Mary Beth KlockPerez and is a proud father of three children Richard, Karen and Diego Jr. Administration & Logistics.

Administration & Logistics


Ordonio has expansive experience in the field of administration; she recently served as Office Manager for a prime contractor in Iraq. She was responsible for all administrative and human resource management issues supporting all Central and Southern [Iraq] region operations, including personnel badging, SPOT reporting and deployment, arming authority, and visas. She was responsible for the preparation and transmittal of all project and personnel reporting to KO/COR, and planned, developed, or recommended Admin and HR policies and procedures to senior management. Ordonio has successfully performed a number of roles, such as HR Manager, Project Manager, and Administration Manager, at various corporations in both Iraq and Qatar. Ordonio possesses excellent written and verbal communications skills, as well as comprehensive software and computing skills with all general business applications. Extensive experience in the preparation of all manner of routine business documentation, reports, presentations, and communications. She has a B.S., Social Work, University of Negros Occidental Recoletos, Bacolod City, the Philippines. She is fluent in Tagalo and English.


Parungao is a Human Resources specialist, he recently served as HR Manager for a large security contractor in Iraq, where he was overall responsible for all HR functions, to include employee relations, benefits, and compensation, as well as formulation, administration and implementation of HR policies. He is an expert in the preparation and maintenance of SPOT and Arming Authority documentation. Oversight, coordination, and management of all employment related records information, including personnel files and records administration. Parungao also served as Logistics and Administrative Coordinator for other security contractors in Iraq and was responsible for all administrative functions, including tracking and processing all travel, badging, visas, and other personnel information. His experience also includes responsibility for operation of 100% error-free inventory and control of warehousing parts, researching and building parts catalogs, and document-to-storage processing at Camp Anaconda, Iraq. Parungao was also an Administrative Assistant to Manila (Philippines) Civil Service Commission, responsible for operation of the Agenda Generation and Tracking System (database), drafting of official communications, preparation of meeting transcripts, and maintenance and updating of the official Commission Resolutions database. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of the East, Manila, the Philippines, with extended instruction in Computer Programming from the Systems Technology Institute, Manila, the Philippines. He is fluent in Tagalog and English.


Inesoria is an experienced Logistics Manager, recently serving at National Physical Distribution Services, PepsiCola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI). He was responsible for sourcing, developing, instituting, evaluating, and monitoring all best practices across the industry in the areas of Physical Distribution, Warehousing and 3rd Party Operations Systems and Procedures in all PCPPI plants, conducting standardization studies and projects for continuous process improvement activities, and initiating training program and skill development opportunities for PCPPI management and staff. He also served as Finance Manager at a PCPPI bottling plant, where he was responsible for implementing and monitoring all financial processes and controls, quality assurance and asset security, and efficiency and proper operation of all Information Technology (hardware and software) systems supporting business critical financial data. Inesoria’s experience also includes that of a Corporate Auditor for Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines (CCBP), performing financial and operations reviews, and improving the records monitoring and control system to ensure accuracy and safety of company information and assets. He holds a B.S. in Accounting from the University of San Agustin, the Philippines, where is graduated Cum Laude. He is fluent in Tagalog and English.