Crisis Management Support

Hurricanes. Typhoons. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Fires. Floods. War. Both natural and man-made events can wreak havoc on populations and infrastructure that result in crisis for those affected.

Crisis situations are frequently catastrophic in nature and can arise with little warning, further contributing to the enormity of their impact. They have also proven to be impartial, affecting all countries and regions of the world, in both urban and rural areas. The magnitude is measured in terms of the death toll and economic impact wrought. In every case, the ability to quickly arrive on scene, accurately assess the situation, clearly define available resources and logistical priorities, and firmly establish secure control of the affected area are the keys to determining the success or failure of the crisis response. Unfortunately, governments and governmental organizations have generally proven slow to respond, inaccurate in their assessment of the situation, unable to develop clear priorities, and unsuccessful at controlling the area through the aftermath. The result is chaos, enormous suffering, additional loss of life, and extended property damage.

TridentCMG Capabilities

Trident Crisis Management Group, Inc. has immediate access to highly-skilled professionals in nearly every major region of the free world capable of providing immediate crisis management support. Our military special operations training enables us to quickly arrive on scene and accurately assess the status quo. This initial assessment includes identifying unaffected infrastructure and other indigenous crisis management resources, operational communications and transportation assets, and potential security issues, while completing a prioritized needs analysis to provide first responders with the information necessary to begin efficient and effective logistical planning.

While response organizations digest our initial collected intelligence from the area, TridentCMG can move into 2nd Phase Operations to begin organizing the local population and establishing a temporary volunteer command and control structure to address immediate needs for communications, medical triage and treatment, stabilization of the population (food, water, shelter, and sanitation), security, and an orderly area evacuation if necessary.

As response organizations begin to arrive on scene, TridentCMG can shift again into 3rd Phase Operations designed to assist these organizations with integrating into their role in the overall relief effort, while simultaneously assisting the established local command and control structure in transitioning roles and responsibilities off to incoming volunteers and professionals as necessary in a seamless fashion.

TridentCMG personnel are accustomed to organizing and working with local populations in highly-charged and fluid operating environments; in quickly assessing and prioritizing operating requirements; and in using creative and innovative approaches to solve complex problems with limited resources or outside assistance.