Anti-Terrorism Planning

For the past three decades, terrorism has been on the rise worldwide. Political extremists. Criminal gangs. Narco-terrorists. Islamic Jihaddists. Angry individuals. Virtually nowhere is one completely safe from a potential terrorist action. Since the 9/11 events, in the United States and in countries around the world, governments, businesses and other groups have devoted significant resources and attention to developing plans and strategies to prevent or respond to a terrorist attack. Anti-terrorism planning differs from standard emergency response planning in that it addresses a specific type of threat intended to cause the widest possible destruction and fear to the affected population. It is specifically this intended outcome that makes the planning and response requirements quite different from those associated with other natural or man-made disasters.

Trident Capabilities

Frequently requested in conjunction with our Security Assessment services, TridentCMG can work with client security management personnel to develop or improve security planning for key executives, industrial sites, corporate facilities, or other important assets. Our security plans are based upon developing a general Threat Basis Matrix (TBM) that anticipates and ranks by probability all those threats that require consideration in the security plan. From the TBM, we establish primary and secondary planned responses for every threat, identify logistical requirements necessary to implement each response, develop a corresponding resource allocation plan, and assess training requirements necessary to assure efficient and effective implementation during an emergency.

Each security plan is comprehensively documented as a written report. TridentCMG will also provide focused Security Plan Orientation Workshops for various groups of client personnel, to assure that each group understands all aspects of the plan as well as their particular roles and responsibilities therein.

If requested, TridentCMG can also assist in developing and conducting additional security training, from standard security personnel skills training to table-top simulations or live ‘Red Team’ challenges. Whatever the requirement, TridentCMG can meet the need.