Career Opportunities

TridentCMG is always interested in identifying and acquiring talented personnel to support our team and our clients. First and foremost, prospective TridentCMG team members must fully subscribe to our Mission and live out the Hallmarks that make TridentCMG and our personnel highly respected around the world.

Second, TridentCMG is successful precisely because it is a ‘team’. By definition, our personnel must be highly accomplished individual performers, but more importantly, they must be willing and capable of functioning just as effectively as part of a team. Everyone must be low-maintenance and a self-starter. You can expect to get out of TridentCMG exactly what you put into it.

Last, TridentCMG exists to serve and perpetuate the ‘greater good’. If your primary motivation is ‘fame or fortune’ then it is doubtful that you will fit in, regardless of your qualifications. The exceedingly self-focused should not apply.

TridentCMG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.